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Tip of the Week:

Remember to take rest days!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hectic : Week 3

What a week!! My hubby has two big tests coming up on monday and tuesday and he was diligently studying for them. Which hasn't left much time to help me with the kids. Not to mention, our little doggie had to unexpectedly have surgery and is in recovery mode. So I haven't had much time to run. I only got out there twice. Hopefully next week will be better.

Starting weight: 137.3

Day 1: increased the run/walk time to 5/1. Great run too. It's finally cooled down in SoCal and the humidity is almost gone. 2.24 miles, 25:31 min, pace 11:23

Day 2: great weather to run.  forgot to charge the garmin though. ran the same route as day one but just ran according to how my body felt.  so i walked when i felt like i needed to walk and started running again when i felt ready.  i love my garmin but i have to say that it felt good not to have the pressure of the clock or trying to keep up my pace.

No long run this week. Nor did I do any planks.  I totally forgot to add them to my workout. I also need to start watching my diet.  I didnt lose any weight this week.  Instead I gained 0.1 lbs - ugh.  These last few lbs are gonna be tough!! I've never really watched my diet before so this gonna be a whole new thing for me.  I read that keeping a food journal helps.  Maybe I'll try that..  Anyone else try that before? Was it successful?

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