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Tip of the Week:

Remember to take rest days!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Hot!: Week 4

The week started off pretty good.  Since I didn't get to have a long run last week, I made sure I ran on Monday.  Then as is becoming the usual, life happens- dinner with some friends, kid's doctor appointments, inclement weather- and it gets harder and harder to get my workout in.  My hubby didn't even get to get a bike ride in until the weekend either.

Starting weight: 137.9 (going the wrong way!!)

Day 1: Great run!  I did have to walk a little bit but just for a few seconds and then I got back to running. Still slow but I finally feel like I'm getting my stride back!

Day 2: I didn't get to run til the end of the week but at least in between I did some yoga and some planks (I remembered!) 2 planks 15 seconds each.  I took my 4 year old daughter with me in the jogging stroller.  Who needs a personal trainer when you have your little daughter yelling, "Faster mommy!" or "Giddy up horsie!"?  That second one made a woman, who was running in the park too, chuckle as she ran past us. We didn't go very far because as I was painfully reminded of, it was really hard to push this stroller up the slow long inclines around here.  So I had to walk quite a bit of the hills but it was a good workout.  Maybe we will do this once a week so when I run it alone, it'll be easier.

Day 3: Who the heck turned up the heat in San Diego?!? Isn't it mid-October?! So it turned out to be a pretty warm day and I tried to wait out the heat as long as I could, but I would have ran out of daylight if I waited til it cooled down.  Also, my motivation to run was diminishing quickly so I knew I should run soon otherwise I may have found some excuse not to.  Besides, I had gotten the baby down for a nap and my daughter was busy with a puzzle so it was a perfect time to go.  But it was just so hot outside!  I went anyway.  Decided to run as much as I feltI could even if it would only be a couple of miles. Figured a couple of miles was better than no miles right?  But it definitely was not the 4 miles I was hoping to do this week.

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