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Friday, September 16, 2011

I hate the treadmill

Now I know there are alot of you who run on the treadmill quite frequently and really enjoy it. You're probably at the gym with other people working out, watching the tv or have a view out the window so you can people watch to keep your mind busy. This is my view.

A beige wall, a wall clock (which reminds me of every ticking second that is slowly going by), a sensor-driven paper towel dispenser which dispenses towels randomly (definitely freaks me out) and the rules of our very small gym. That's it. We had some nice flat screen tvs in there a few years ago but they got stolen! Grrrrr! The treadmills used to face out the window but now they turned them to face the wall with explicit instructions not to move them. Double grrrrr!
So you're probably thinking," Just go outside, geez. Quit complaining!" and normally I would but these days I've only had time to run really early in the morning and I don't feel too safe running around my neighborhood alone in the dark so I opt for the treadmill.
The only good thing is I can do interval trainings much easier on the treadmill so that's what I've been doing. 

But you better believe I will be outside this weekend running and enjoying the scenery! 

Happy Running and Happy Friday!

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