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Tip of the Week:

Remember to take rest days!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Start Training

Okay, it's time to start training.  I've got the Silver Strand Half coming up in November.  Two months from today to be exact.  And I've got a goal to get a sub-two hour time!  I set this goal earlier this year hoping to achieve it at the Carlsbad Half in January.  I missed it by 4 minutes.  Then I ran another half marathon a month later, the Mermaid Half, and missed it by one minute!!  ONE MINUTE!  Throughout the race, my pace was right-on, I felt good, there was nothing stopping me. Until.. I got a cramp on my quad at mile 12.  I tried to keep running, but realized I looked like an idiot holding my quad and sort of pushing it forward so I wouldn't have to stop.  So finally I stopped and stretched it out quickly but it was too late.  So, Silver Strand is going to be it!  My friend Shannon is coming from Chicago (my hometown) to run the race with me.  It'll be her first half marathon!  Wish us luck!

Speaking of first half marathons, Congratulations to Sheryl, my dearest friend from high school, on completing her first half marathon this past weekend!!  So proud of you girl!  It's a great accomplishment! YOU ROCK!

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