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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Race Wish List

It's December and it's time to think of the races I'd like to run in 2012 (or thereafter!)

My Race Wish List!  This list is compiled of races I've heard first hand are a great experience and just plain old fun!  I hope I'll be able to check off some or all in the next couple of years. Although this list will probably grow greatly in the coming years!

1. Boston Marathon What runner's list doesn't include this? But I don't want to just run in it - I want to QUALIFY for it.  So it may never happen but I won't stop trying!
2. ING New York Marathon My friend Darryl told me that when he ran it he literally felt like thousands of his closest friends were cheering him on.  How's that for support?!
3. Bay to Breakers in San Francisco. Word is this is the biggest party race.  Missed the anniversary of the 100th race last year but I'm sure all the years to come will be just as fun!
4. Soldier Field 10 mile in Chicago.  Since Chi-town is my hometown, it would only make sense that I'd list one of the iconic races held there. I am able to combine two of my favorite things: the Bears and Running! I ran the Chicago Marathon last year so I was able to cross that off my list. (Yes!)
5. Ragnar Relay What a great experience this race would be!  Running with and supporting 11 of my friends over 200 miles.  I couldn't think of a better use of my time.
6. Goofy Challenge This race is held in Walt Disney World (hey family vacation!) and it takes place over two days.  On Saturday, you run a half marathon and then on Sunday you run a full marathon.  Definitely for those a little "Goofy" in the head.. like me!  LOL!
7. RnR Las Vegas Half  It'll be interesting to run a race that starts at 5:30 at night!  Wonder if there's slot machines along the course? ;-P

What races do you have planned for 2012?

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